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Eight NEW Hives at the Grove!

At Hazel Grove, we believe every child deserves to be seen and appreciated. One way we do this, is through Hive Houses.

Hive Houses are an additional in-school way for us to unite or building beyond just grade level teams and classroom families.
Starting in 2024, Hazel Grove, will have eight Hive Houses, each represents a different positive trait we wish to foster here.
They are: Trailblazers, Protectors, Peacemakers, Cultivators, Truthseekers, Kindhearts, Bravehearts, and Visionaries.
Each Hive is made of a mixture of students from all six grades. By uniting kids of various ages, we provide students with great leadership and learning opportunities.
In addition to mixing grade levels, we also connect children with adults in the building whom they might not normally work with. We feel it is healthy for students get to connect with a variety of adult figures, and we encourage staff and students to develop healthy bonds by growing School Pride and developing positive traits.
We love our Hive House system, and feel that as each students grows through these connections, they will develop into kinder, wiser, and well-rounded individuals.
Which Hive House will your students be in?
Stay tuned! We will be sorting soon!

Learn more about each house HERE!


Tips for Starting School

Returning to school can sometimes be a challenge for children. When children lose the opportunity to play with others, keep routines, and change sleep habits, skills like cooperation and self-control can begin to disappear.

In the next few weeks, begin to make sure your child has opportunities to rebuild and practice these important skills. Allow for time for your child to interact with, and consider the feelings of, others. Talk about the importance of following directions, sharing, and being safe. Asking your child open ended questions about how they would feel or how they might behave in certain situations allows for discussion and role-playing.

Other ways adults can help children prepare to return to school:

  • Celebrate following and consequences for breaking rules.
  • Return to routines for mealtime and bedtime.
  • Discourage hitting, biting, screaming and other unsafe behaviors.
  • Practice two- and three-step directions. For example: “Put on your shoes, brush your teeth and then sit at the table.” Encourage them to finish all three and celebrate!

Adults, explore other behaviors and solutions while encouraging empathy. Remember, it is not easy - even for grown ups. The more consistent you can be will not only help you at home, it will ensure your child has a GREAT start to the school year!


School Supplies

All schools supplies for students in the KCKPS School district for 2023-2024 will be covered by the district EXCEPT for backpacks. Please send you student with their own backpack.