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The Special Olympics come to Hazel Grove Hive Assembly!

On December 18, 2023, Hazel Grove Elementary rolled out our new 8 Hive House program with a special, all-school assembly. The Hive House program is a new system designed to help foster community, inclusion, and connection for the students of Hazel Grove.

At the event were several members of the Special Olympics of Kansas. Also in attendance were several prominent community members, including the Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, Tyrone Garner; the KCKPS District Superintendent, Dr. Ann Stubblefield; Drew Maxwell of KCKCPS Board of Education; and multiple other KCKPS District upper executive members.

During the assembly Taylor Oberstead of the Special Olympics Kansas presented the school with a special award for Inclusivity as a Unified Champion School, a most prestigious honor. One of our students, Wayne Walker (5th Grade) spoke to the crowd on the importance of unifying our school through inclusion, and was one of the people able to accept the award on behalf of the school. We are very honored to receive this recognition, and hope that through the Hive House program, we will be able to continue to prosper through inclusivity.

As part of the assembly the 8 new Hive Houses were explained, and the teachers heading each house were announced to the school. Each Hive House exemplifies an important quality we wish to foster in our Hazel Grove students, and each is represented by a different color. (Click here to learn more about each Hive.)

After the assembly, students returned to their classes, where they were presented with a colored wristbands, sorting them each into one of the 8 different Hives.