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Hive Houses

At Hazel Grove, we believe every child deserves to be seen and appreciated. One way we do this, is through Hive Houses. Hive Houses are an additional in-school way for us to unite or building beyond just grade level teams and classroom families. Each Hive is made of a mixture of students from all six grades. By uniting kids of various ages, we provide students with great leadership and learning opportunities. Hive Houses also connect children with adults in the building with whom they might not normally work. We feel it is healthy for students to connect with a variety of adult figures, and we encourage staff and students to develop healthy bonds through school pride and developing positive traits. We love our Hive House system, and feel that as each students grows, they will develop into kinder, wiser, well-rounded individuals.

On Dec. 18, 2023, a special Assembly was held, introducing the houses. Read more about it here.

Ask your student what Hive they belong to. They might be one of the: